About Us

What beats the joy of having well-maintained trees and beautiful trees? Ridge tree trimming is a tree service company that helps you achieve that. We have been operational for the past 7 years and have served thousands of clients, all of whom love our services. With a great team that appreciates the need for conserving our environment, we have had great successes.

Our previous clients have faith in us and trust us to do any tree services. They believe in the expertise of our arborists who are well trained for their work. And are continually working towards bettering their skills each passing day. They ensure that your trees get the complete care that they deserve and help treat any diseases.

We know how important your trees are in boosting your home’s aesthetics and improving your property value when you decide to resale. We realize that much work is needed to keep your tree healthy. From ideal tree removal, trimming, pruning, or even bush clearing. Our arborists are experts and help in all sorts of tree services in Oakland. We give professional work in the bid to build a long time relationship with our clients.

Our Oakland services have been recommended to many new customers by our existing clients who have tested our services and acknowledge the expertise we impose. And 99% always come back for more services because our team does excellent work. We modify our services to meet your tree needs specifically. And each of our services is safety guaranteed.

Our mission

To support our clients’ needs by providing exemplary services in all aspects of tree care. We also aim at ensuring that we educate the people on the need for tree maintenance.

Our Vision

To be a leading tree care and maintenance company where our excellent services provide added value to our clients’ surroundings while promoting tree health.

We believe that even the simplest act of tree care contributes towards an elongated lifespan and healthy flora. You need to get in touch with us if you are yearning for exemplary tree services in Oakland.

Ridge tree trimming is always your to-go company when it comes to solving ant tree problems. Call our office (510) 250-5022 today and join thousands of clients who take pride in our services in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, and Walnut Creek. We guarantee that you will never regret choosing us.