Palm Tree Service

In California (CA), a palm tree is an icon and blends well with the lifestyle and architecture. Nevertheless, without proper maintenance, its glamor will become an eyesore. However, with our experienced palm trimming services, you will be in a position to help maintain its glamor. At Ridge Tree Trimming Services, we are experienced in stimming, skinning, and removal. Unlike other trees, palm trees demand specialized care, trimming, and equipment. We offer this service at an affordable rate.

Why Should You Consider Us For A Palm Tree Service?

It is important to note that palm trees are unique in their own way. That is because; unlike other trees where after working on them, the spring growth returns pretty much the way it used to be. Other forms of trees like cypress and pine hardly change through the year. However, palm trees, on the other hand, grow to reach the sky. They are often extremely tall, ugly, fire hazards, and pose a risk of accidents. In fact, a homeowner or a commercial entity is likely to be held liable if any damage that arises caused by a palm tree.

However, with our trimming and skinning services, we will eliminate dead and dying fronds to restore the tree to its best appearance as well as making it safe for other people. If you wish to have your palm tree removed, we are in a position to offer this service as well.

When Is It Better To Trim Palm Trees

The best thing about palm trees is that they can be trimmed any time of the year. However, it is always recommended to do it before the seeds have a chance to grow. Palm seeds take up a lot of nutrients and make the tree lose much of its vibrant color. In fact, it makes a lot of its fronds die. Also, if left for the seeds to grow, when they fall, they become a slippery nuisance to the public and stains the concrete.

How Trimming Is Done

It is important to note that palm trees are more like grass than a tree. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that water movement in these trees is more like in grass than in trees. This and many other factors must be understood before undertaking any trimming exercise.

At Ridge Tree, we have the knowledge, experienced, and have the necessary tools to do the job right. Furthermore, since these trees grow to extraordinary heights and the safety concerns it comes with, we always implement safety measures to protect everyone, including ourselves.

After consultations to determine what you want, we will inspect the tree, and thereafter, determine the best course of is important to note that the cost will vary based on the height and condition of the tree that needs trimming.

Palm Tree Trimming

Just like other trees and landscaping plants, these trees need regular maintenance in order to maintain their appearance and health. Our trimming services will involve removing seeds and dead fronds. Trimming may involve removing up to 90% of the fronds, leaving about 2 to 3 lines of fronds. We can also leave it the way it is, but well structured.

Furthermore, trimming helps remove palm tree’s fire hazard capabilities. Trimming helps eliminate hiding places for insects and rodents.

Palm Tree Skinning

This is sometimes known as skimming, which is a method of removing rough webbing of the tree that is left behind every year of trimming. We will carefully remove it and prevent damaging the inner soft part of the palm tree’s trunk.

Palm Tree Removal

The truth is that removing a tree is straight forward even a palm tree. However, it comes with several risks and hazards. When removing a tree, special precautions must be taken to protect buildings, utility lines, workers, and even other third parties. Removing a tree’s stump is an additional task and often will come with a different price.

To get to know the cost, we will provide you with an estimate based on the work needed to be done. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Palm Tree Service
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