Cabling and Bracing

When a tree has been removed or appears as it might die, not all hope is lost. There are instances where a mature tree can be saved through additional structural support. The two most common techniques are bracing and cabling. At Ridge Tree, our skilled professionals care about trees and in a position to provide tree cabling and bracing in Oakland, CA. With the help of our certified Arborist, we will evaluate your tree and determine the best method to use.

What Is Tree Cabling And Bracing?

Tree bracing and cabling are techniques experts (Arborists) use to provide additional support to a mature tree that has grown in a way that is not sustainable or safe for that tree in the long term. Therefore, bracing and cabling are used to reinforce and support the critical areas of the tree by limiting the branch movement. A certified Arborist will use steel cables, which are then installed into the trunk of the tree and secured to a heavy bolt in the upper crown of the tree. When it comes to bracing; our specialist will place bracing rods between branches to support the structure of the tree. This method of support has gained popularity and is often used during the rainy seasons or where heavy winds and storms are expected.

What Cause Structural Support Issues In Trees?

There are many reasons that can make a tree grow in an unsafe way. Some of these reasons include:

• The characteristics of a tree species – Some tree species grow one or more codominant stems, which may lead to structural issues. It is important to note that codominant stems are weaker compared to a single tree stem. The best way to prevent this problem is to plant trees with better structures.

• The location – The place where the tree can affect its structure. For example, if a tree is growing awkwardly near a structure or very close to other trees, that tree will grow with support issues and uneven growth.

• Poor tree care – Young trees need a lot of care and pruning regularly. However, when punning is extensively done or done incorrectly, the tree may overextend its heavy branches causing weakening issues.

Tree Removal Vs. Tree Bracing and Cabling

The truth is that it is not always possible to save a tree that is crooked or growing in an unsafe manner. Nevertheless, cabling and bracing do sometimes correct the problem. Below are three common instances where cabling and bracing techniques will apply:

• Branch or tree failure prevention – When a tree has large codominant stems (V-crotches), you can use these methods to strengthen and prevent future failures.

• Tree restoration – When a tree loses its leading branch due to a storm or high winds, these methods may be used to support leaders that are exposed.

• Hazard removal – Whenever a grown tree’s brunches loom over structures it creates a potential hazard for anyone around. However, using these techniques helps reduce the danger.

If you, therefore, need cabling or bracing services, do not hesitate to call us. Our experienced and certified professionals will inspect your tree and determine the best step to take. Since we have extensive experience, knowledge, skills, certified professionals, we can serve proudly any commercial or residential clients in and around Oakland, CA.

Cabling and Bracing
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