Tree Care

The primary goal of a tree care service is straightforward (caring for them). There is no way anyone can achieve this without actually feeling the need to take care of the tree. At Ridge Tree Company, we do love trees, and this is why we are in this business.

Ever since trees began to set their roots billions of years back, we are human beings have evolved and adapted to living in environments where trees are prominent. An environment where nutrients are abundant in the soil. However, today trees have a hard time adapting to our urban environment and the stress we place on them. For example, in a forest, fallen branches and leaves decompose and plays an integral part of nutrient creation.

However, since today, we constantly prune off weak branches and clean up leaves, they fail to get the necessary nutrients needed for their survival. Let us not forget that they have to compete with lawns, flowers, and other forms of shrubs for nutrients. Also, instead of the forest floors, urban areas have limited spaces for trees to grow since they have to compete with our homes and cars.

At Ridge Tree, we understand trees, and we know what they need to survive in urban settings. For this reason, it is our mission to do the right thing for the trees. This is why we ensure we leave a tree better than we found it. Our specialists will do everything possible to ensure a tree has improved in health. This, in turn, helps prolong its lifespan.

Choosing a proper tree care company is paramount and often one of the most challenging steps in the tree care process. This is particularly made harder by the fact almost all companies in this sector claim they offer the best tree care services. The best way to find the best tree care company is by looking at its reputation. At Ridge Tree Trimming, we have built our reputation for many years for being caretakers of Oakland magnificent trees. As such, you can count on us to take care of your trees properly. We do not use sales tactics or give unnecessary services. We are honest and direct to the point.

We would love for you to give us the opportunity to meet with you and your tree. We will help you maintain the tree through the needed care techniques based on the tree’s current condition. We offer tree care services that include:

• Tree inspection, evaluation, and diagnosing
• Deep root fertilization
Tree trimming and pruning
• Soil testing and amending
• Adding organic fertilizations using worm castings
• Arborjet trunk inoculations
• Insect identification is control
• Tree disease management and diagnosis
• Pre and post-construction site management
• Root zone de-compaction
• Root care
• Root collar excavations (RCX)

Tree Care
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