California Oak

The Significance of the California Oak The ancient practitioners of yoga likened the exercises to the branches of a tree. They called it the ‘Yoga Tree’. Here is the underlying…

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Oakland Tree Plantation

Join the Tree Plantation Movement in Oakland  You would feel the entire population in Oakland, CA is on a mission to plant oak trees. California has the reputation of being…

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Cinnamon tree Oakland

Cinnamon Trees Add Color and Life to Tree-lined Oakland Oakland, California, is known for the thick urban forest cover in the city. Almost a fourth of the city’s total area…

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California Central Valley

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This snippet has been taken from "Wild California Vanishing Lands, Vanishing Wildlife" by "Raymond F. Dasmann". California Central Valley is 40 to 60 miles wide and stretches approximately 450 miles…

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Landscape with trees

This extract has been taken from "Best Trees For Your Garden" by "Allen Paterson". Landscape with trees can incorporate into your landscaping design that will completely transform your backyard. "Tree…

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Buying Bonsai

This article has been taken from "Totally Bonsai A guide to growing, shaping, and caring for miniature trees and shrubs" by "Craig Coussin". Buying Bonsai can be beneficial as they…

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This article has been extracted from "Water- Conserving Gardens and Landscapes Water- Saving Ideas Plant Selection List Home Drip Irrigation Guide Easy- Care Landscapes All- Region Zone Maps" By "John…

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