Tree Pruning

Tree restoration, improving its beauty (aesthetic), and its shape is the primary goal of tree pruning. The truth is that although there are many tree pruning companies on the market, only a few are experts at it. At Ridge Tree Trimming Service, we pride ourselves on being the best on the market when it comes to tree pruning. All this is made possible by our team of certified Arborists, tree climbers, and a set of professional tree pruning tools and equipment. Let us not forget years of experience and knowledge of pruning many unique tree species.

Of course, the first decision you have to make is deciding whether to prune your trees by yourself (as a DIY project) or hiring a professional. Experts recommend pruning shrubs and trees by yourself if they are smaller and know what you are doing and what you want to achieve. When it comes to larger trees and shrubs, or you do not have the knowledge to do so; it is highly recommended to seek the services of a professional.

Remember, just like it is with many projects, your safety should be paramount, and it is something you should never compromise. With our years of experience, our high-end safety equipment, and knowledge in maintaining different species of trees and shrubs, we are the right solution for you.

Why Tree Pruning?

Every cut you make to a tree has the potential to change its growth pattern. As such, it is important to take care of where to cut. This is why you should always prune for specific reasons, such as:

• Removing rubbing or crowded limbs
• Increasing air and light to penetrate through to the tree’s crown
• To remove dead branches

NOTE: there is a fine line between thinning out a tree too little and too much. The majority of the tree’s energy is stored within the foliage. Therefore, if a person cuts too much, this could really affect the health and growth of the tree. This is why pruning should be done on a minimum in order to shape it.

Our Tree Pruning Techniques

We apply different techniques when it comes to pruning, which can be divided into few categories. The bottom line of these techniques is to improve a tree’s natural shape, health, and beauty. These techniques are:

• Cleaning – The technique designed to remove branches that are sickly, broken, dead, or dying.

• Raising – The goal of this technique is to try and raise it or its branches (improving clearance issues). This technique is designed for short trees or trees with low-hanging branches.

• Thinning – This technique is geared towards reducing a branch weight load or increasing air and light penetration. Doing this will help improve a tree’s overall shape.

• Reduction – Just as the word says, ‘reduction’ is a technique used to reduce a tree’s extension. Often, this is done to deal with branches that intersect with power lines or other obstacles.

The best time to prune a tree is before spring, but after winter. This time is also a convenient time to assess if a tree has a disease. This will save you time and money compared to doing it during other seasons like winter. Furthermore, knowing the best time to trim a tree will help in maintaining its health and natural splendor, while giving it time to develop easily.

Tree Pruning
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