Bonsai Pest Problems

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Totally Bonsai A guide to growing , shaping and caring for miniature trees and shrubs Craig Coussins Pest Problems and Solutions Problem Cause InsecticideTreatmentOther InformationSticky leavesAphids.Greenfly are the most common.Black…

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Pesticides for Garden

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This article has been taken from "Northern California Gardening" by "Katherine Grace Endicott". Pesticides for Garden are intended to serve as plant protection products from weeds, fungi, or insects. ""Tree…

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Guidelines for recently burned landscape

This article has been taken from "Creating Fire- Resistant Landscapes, Gardens, And Properties in California’s Diverse Environments" by "Douglas Kent". Guidelines for recently burned landscape is the visible features of…

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Caring for woody plants

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This excerpt has been taken from "Tree & Shrub Gardening For Northern California" by "Bob Tanem Don Williamson". Caring for woody plants is essential as this plant produces wood as…

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What tree to plant

This snippet has been taken from "Tree for the Yard and Garden" by "John Cushnie". What tree to plant is the process of transplanting tree seedlings, generally for forestry, land…

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Pruning tools

This snippet has been extracted from "The pruning book" by "Lee Reich". Pruning tools are probably the most-used tool when it comes to pruning shrubs, flowers, vines, and small growth…

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This excerpt has been taken from "The pruning book" by "Lee Reich". Pollarding is a pruning system involving the removal of the upper branches of a tree, which promotes the…

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This excerpt has been extracted from "The well – designed mixed garden". The Conifers are cone-bearing seed plants with vascular tissue; all extant conifers are woody plants, the great majority being trees with just a few being shrubs. "Tree…

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Landscape Planning

This snippet has been extracted from "Practical Techniques for the Home Gardener" written by "Judith Adam". Landscape planning is a branch of landscape architecture, it provides services to be focused on the…

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Goast River-Yosemite

This blog has been taken from "Ice Ages Tree Clocks Ghost Rivers" by "Mark Klett  Rebecca Solnit  Byron Wolfe". Goast River - Yosemite is a world-famous destination that has attracted…

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