California Oak

The Significance of the California Oak

The ancient practitioners of yoga likened the exercises to the branches of a tree. They called it the ‘Yoga Tree’. Here is the underlying principle: just as the tree has its roots, trunk, and branches, imparting the knowledge of performing yoga is explained through six different elements. The practice of yoga involves the use of all parts of the human body like the arms, the legs, and the torso. Though the mention of yoga tree Oakland may bring to the fore the yoga school with that name, the city’s streets are lined up with a huge variety of trees all over.

california oak
california oak

Oak Trees in Oakland

The history of Oakland goes back to the days of the native Indians when the area was more of a forest with oak trees in abundance. There are 19 different types of oak trees as per one count. Many of those oak trees will not be found in the city anymore, thanks to the urbanization that required the clearing away of the forests. Some of the oak trees have been preserved and a park has been created in the city. The other oak trees including the yoga tree Oakland are what have been planted later and grown to their present size. 

Contribution of Tree Service Firms

Whether it’s the oaks at Oakland forest or the other trees all over Oakland, a large part of their growth and elegance is attributed to the efforts put in by the tree service firms in the city. They use their expertise in the field to take care of the trees, cut, trim, prune, and remove them when warranted. Their arborists offer a lot of advice to the local bodies and the residents on the best choice of trees to plant and how to grow them.

Sudden Oak Death

While on oak trees, it may be useful for you to learn a thing or two about this great tree. In the last three decades or more, the oak trees, particularly in California, have suffered what is described as Sudden Oak Death. This is described as a disease that affects oak trees in the forest. It spreads to the other plants and trees around the affected oak tree. The leaves are affected by twig and foliar diseases. The cause of this disease is Phytophthora ramorum. It’s a pathogen and thrives in wet conditions more. There’s an Oak Mortality Task Force constituted in California to identify the threat of Phytophthora ramorum and manage it to save the oak trees.

california oak
california oak

While this is mostly in the forests, within the city, the tree service firms in Oakland take care of the oak trees and make sure they are protected well.

If you live in the city and own an Oakland ca oak, you should be aware that the city has clear guidelines on planting and removing trees. Though the tree may be within your property, it still is part of the ecological structure of the city and removing trees indiscriminately can lead to catastrophic results. 

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