Cinnamon tree Oakland

Cinnamon Trees Add Color and Life to Tree-lined Oakland

Oakland, California, is known for the thick urban forest cover in the city. Almost a fourth of the city’s total area is covered by trees lining the streets and open spaces. There are several varieties of trees though you may hear more about the oak trees with the name of the city associated with it. There are quite a few Oakland tree service companies offering to help the residents of the city in maintaining the trees. They undertake cutting, pruning, and where necessary removal of trees in and around Oakland.

Cinnamon tree Oakland
Cinnamon tree Oakland

Cinnamon Tree in Oakland

Cinnamon tree in Oakland is one of the several varieties of trees. Its botanical name is Cinnamomum zeylanicum and it is said to have originated from the Asian island nation of Sri Lanka. The Cinnamon trees are quite tall and large and their barks have medicinal value. Some of the products derived from Cinnamon are used in regular cooking as well. Having a Cinnamon tree in your yard or the street adds elegance to the place. The tree has a leather-like appearance and in terms of the color, they tend to look purplish when grown. You may not find too many branches but the tree has abundant leaves with their veins on display. 

As mentioned, the bark from the Cinnamon tree is immensely useful and if you have a cinnamon tree, you can remove the bark and make a few recipes at home. You can check with your local arborist the best way to get a Cinnamon tree planted in your yard.

Oakland Tree Services

With such a huge number of trees, the residents of Oakland will be seeking the assistance of the tree service firms. These agencies engage experienced and knowledgeable arborists in their ranks. These arborists are thorough with the information on which type of trees must be planted and how they will grow. The soil types and the changing climatic conditions have a direct impact on the way the trees grow. Arborists are quite useful when you call the tree service providers in Oakland to cut or remove a tree. They conduct an inspection and advise the right course of action. If you are looking for a reliable service provider, Ridge Tree Trimming Service in Oakland, CA can be your ideal partner in taking care of your trees. 

Cinnamon tree Oakland
Cinnamon tree Oakland

Oakland Tree Farm

There is an Oakland tree farm that is the supply point for Christmas trees every year. They grow different varieties of Christmas trees on their farm. Nordmann Fir, Nobel Fir, Grand Fir, Douglas Fir, and Concolor Fir are some of the names you will come across. The staff at the farm will guide you through the salient features of each of these types and you can select and buy the one you wish to decorate your home with, this Christmas.

You must have the passion to fully enjoy the presence of trees around you, be it in your yard or your street. Trees are lively, they serve multiple purposes and have to be made part of your everyday life. They absorb the carbon dioxide in the air and give out oxygen desperately needed for all life forms to survive. They protect you from some of the effects of extreme weather. Oakland in California is one city blessed with trees in abundance. Enjoy them.

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